Ladies, Wine & a bit of Design. Birmingham.


The week before Christmas I went along to my first Ladies Wine Design

Hosted by the wonderful Kerry Leslie and Charlotte Audrey  the evening is a Birmingham based event designed specifically for women in the 'male dominated' creative industry.  Originally a concept founded by Jessica Walsh (of Sagmeister and Walsh) 

And on a chilly December evening, there's nothing nicer than being in cosy café and indulging in great conversation with lovely people. And that's just it, in it's simplest form this event is about getting to know other women, making friends and connections and having a nice evening. And at it's most it's about changing our world, to be a fairer, more balanced place.

Along with conversations about our work, our lives and loves, we also touched on personal experiences that have affected us as women. We talked about instances where we have felt separated, objectified, undervalued or prejudiced against.  We didn't only talk about negative experiences, we also spoke of positive experiences where we haven't felt that our gender has defined us and the importance of diversity in all its forms.

I came away from the event inspired and even more determined to do my bit to try and diminish the everyday sexism that's still present in our lives.  It's important that we as women and men push to be recognised for our skills and not our gender. We push to be paid what we are worth. We push to be heard and not pushed out of conversations. And we push to be who we are and who we want to be without limitations. 

I really recommend you checking out the next event and go meet some great women.

Thank you Kerry and Charlotte x

Lisa BarrettComment