Seeking the Good Stuff

A few days ago I was talking with a friend and fellow designer about our dream projects. 

For me it's never been about the big brand names, in my experience the bigger the client the less personal the project can be and often the less creative freedom you have. Dream projects for me have been more about how the project feels, how closely aligned I am to my clients and the story behind what they do and why they do it.  

I've become a lot more confident lately in turning away work that doesn't tick more  'Good Stuff' boxes. I saw a talk a couple of years ago by super designer Luke Tonge, who spoke about work fitting into at least two and ideally three of the following categories:

Be 'Good' for your portfolio, allowing you to produce work you are proud of

Be 'Good' for your wallet, it's always helpful if you can earn a living!

And most importantly be 'Good' for the world and the people in it, in other words not just being about commercially making more money, but about changing people's lives or the environment for the better. 

Business is about making money, but if we can do something good with our skills in the process, I'm all for it. 

Lately I've been working with more and more "Good Stuff" clients including national mental health charity Rethink (project launching soon!)


Freelance Graphic Designer Birmingham for Gateway

A local health and wellbeing charity Gateway who help so many people in Birmingham improve their lives through health and social support.


Freelance graphic design for Shoes by Shaherazad

A shoe brand Shoes by Shaherazad whose philanthropic values mean they give away profits to help make other women's lives better, in places like Sudan, Myanmar, Pakistan and Peru. 

Freelance Graphic Designer for Leather Tannery

A leather tannery Bradleys who only use UK approved farms to source their hides, with all their items made by hand by a small group of craftspeople in Shropshire.


Fressh vegan eatery

And a vegan restaurant Fressh who believes in lessening our environmental impact by eating less animal products.

As my freelance business grows I'm hoping to continue this trend and seek to work with clients who do good stuff.  

Lisa BarrettComment