Lisa Barrett
Freelance Graphic Designer in Birmingham, UK




Script Angel is a screenwriting coaching and development company. Founded in 2011 by Hayley McKenzie, who after many years working in film and television, realised that writers struggling to break into the industry didn’t have the opportunity to work with experienced script editors to help them develop their work.


Brand Design & Strategy

In collaboration with:
Kat Tromans


A playful brand with a good heart

Ethical Brand strategist Sarah Seaton worked with Miriam to determine her brand mission and values, and they invited me to help create the visual identity for Nurture Collective. We wanted to create a colourful, playful brand that reflected Miriam’s vibrant personality, the diversity of her maker brands and the beauty of childhood.


A brighter future

The clothing industry is under scrutiny and is now deemed one of the most harmful industries to our world. When new mum Miriam Pierre welcomed daughter Yasmin into her life, her mission was to make more conscious choices. From seeking chemical free cosmetics, feeding an organic diet to sourcing clothing and toys from smaller, independent brands who shared her values.


Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 17.38.52.png

Inspiring mamas & papas

We wanted to create a brand where mamas and papas could feel inspired, and encouraged to make positive changes, where the focus was not on achieving ethical perfection, but about making changes when and where possible on a forward journey to a happier and healthier world for our kids



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