All of my clients are unique in what they do and who they are, but no matter what the project my process follows the four stages below. I build relationships with my clients with a focus on delivering a personal service which encourages clients to be involved in all stages of the design - and I believe that's what makes the difference. 


Getting to know you

Design in it's very essence is problem solving. You may already have a clear idea of what your problem is, but if you don’t that’s fine, we can work it out together.  The most important part of my process is getting to know you and your brand in as much detail as possible. We'll meet in person (ideally) or talk on the phone in depth so I can fully understand and share your vision for your brand. We'll formulate a brief, budget and timescale. 


Research & Discovery

Once the design brief is clear, I can then begin to gather inspiration and information to help inform design decisions. This involves looking at your clients or customers, your competitors and other aspirational brands. At this stage moodboards are produced to help us think visually about the direction the design should take. 


Ideas & Concepts

The visual and exciting bit! At this stage we're on to sketches, wireframes and visual ideas. Your project will start to come to life on the page or screen, and we'll be able to discuss and refine ideas in an open collaborative way to get the absolute best solution to your brief. 


Detail & Delivery

Once the big idea is in full swing, I'll work on the finer details, developments and finishing touches to the design. I'll be there to help you through every stage of launch, whether it's managing print or production, or liaising and training your team. And when the time comes to hit the big green button, we can sit back & celebrate.