Script Angel

Script Angel is a screenwriting coaching and development company. Founded in 2011 by Hayley McKenzie, who after many years working in film and television, realised that writers struggling to break into the industry didn’t have the opportunity to work with experienced script editors to help them develop their work.


Brand Design & Strategy

In collaboration with:
Ryan Dean-Corke

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Refreshing a brand identity

Hayley felt that her current brand wasn’t representative of her vision and values of ScriptAngel. After initial brand workshops, we put together a new brand strategy. The brand would now focus on the nurturing relationship between the screenwriting coach and the writer.


Helping screenwriters achieve their full potential

I worked with Hayley to produce a brand strategy document which would allow Script Angel to focus its positioning, and would help transition the company through an exciting period of growth. As well as updating the visual logo, brand assets and marketing materials, we also produced a new website that would showcase the incredible credentials of Hayley and her team.



Inspiring writers

We wanted to create a brand where writers knew they could trust Script Angel, creating a nurturing, welcoming and safe environment for them to grow and develop their skills. We’re very excited to see where Hayley takes Script Angel this year.



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