My main focus is branding design, which covers other areas such as print and digital. I like to work with my clients in holistic way, advising them on the most strategic and beneficial ways to invest in their brand and marketing. 


Freelance Graphic Designer Birmingham


Whether you're a new brand starting out, or an existing brand looking for a revamp. I work closely with my clients to create identities that are both memorable and meaningful. 

Freelance Web Designer Birmingham


Designing digital experiences was how I started out in my career. I now collaborate with UX consultants and developers to deliver websites, apps and online platforms. 

Freelance Brand Designer Birmingham


Design is about more than just looking good, it has to mean something. I often hold strategic workshops with my clients to discover the why's and how's behind what they do.  

Freelance Graphic Designer Birmingham


The tactile nature of print is something which I love and believe still has great value.  I recommend my clients invest in good quality printed materials for their brand. 

Freelance Packaging Designer Birmingham


From beautiful boxes to flirtatious cups, I have experience designing packaging and liaising with manufacturers both in the UK and overseas.  

Freelance Graphic Designer Birmingham

Art Direction

Co-ordinating photography and image production is one of my favourite areas to work in. I work with a range of talented photographers, illustrators and film makers.